Artist Bio

Denver Based illustrator and painter, Dharm Khalsa, has been honing his skills as an artist for many years, ever since a almost fatal bout with cancer at the age of twenty-seven. Originally a graphic / web designer, Dharm has blended his drawing ability with fourteen years of digital graphics experience into the unification of imagination, inspiration and technique. 

Growing up in the mid-’80s and ‘90s, he surrounded myself with comics, graffiti, anime, DJ music culture, Sci-Fi, and fantasy, these themes can be spotted thought out his body of work. With Inspiration drawn from such fantasy heavyweights as James Gurney, Frank Frazetta, James Jean and Haku Miyazaki, Dharm pushes himself to grow endlessly as a storyteller , Illustrator and painter.

His Pantings have been featured at multiple galleries in Denver’s Santa Fe art district. Publish works include Unicorn Man Comic, Colorado Festival of Horror Coloring Book Vol 1 and sponsored artist for Grassroots Colorado.